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Room With A View Postcards

Robert Tharsing

Sometime around 1990, Robert Tharsing moved into a new studio on High Street in downtown Lexington, the first of fours paces he would occupy during the next dozen years. Unlike the studio provided by the UK Art Department, which had frosted and thus opaque windows; these rooms all came with a bird's-eye view of the city.

The paintings in this publication literally and elegantly depict one artist's brief view of a small corner of the earth in all of it's beautiful banality. The streets, buildings, and people all behave rather predictively, established in their roles as rectangular light reflectors, straight lines, or temporary passers-by. Looking at these small, painted panels, colorful recordings of a familiar place, we witness not only our town's evolving landscape but also the changing of the seasons and the inevitable passage of time.

This publication was produced by UK Arts in Healthcare, the UK Hospital Auxillary and Institute 193.